Achieving success from scratch in any business is tough. But from an unlikely location, at a difficult time economically, and without financial resources or an immediate source of revenue, few would even consider it. But fast-forward to today, and at Belatrix you’ll find one of the most successful software development companies in Latin America, with international operations spanning 3 continents, and annual growth hitting 35% for the past 5 consecutive years. It’s a long cry from those early days, but the founders continue with the same vision, commitment and dedication that they started the company with.

The Robbio family story

Belatrix Software is made up of 3 partners who are connected by a very familiar bond: they are father and sons. Each have their individual stories, but those stories come together in creating the foundations of one of the fastest growing companies in the Latin American software industry.

Luis Robbio, the father, is an electronic engineer by trade, and before becoming an entrepreneur he held senior positions in Argentina, Brazil, USA and Europe for the engineering construction company, IMPSA. For Luis, he wanted to get out of his “traditional” executive life in a multinational company, and start something new. Belatrix was thus born in his house, and he remembers having to convince the first developers to bring their own PCs or literally “to live on the job” at his home.

Federico Robbio, for his part, is an industrial engineer and worked for the Techint Group in Buenos Aires as a young professional. Federico decided to return to Mendoza to start his own company with partners, before joining Belatrix. Among the anecdotes is the fact that all the first desktops and LANs of the company were assembled by him with his partners.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Robbio, has a degree in Psychology from the National University of San Luis. In the early 2000s, he decided to move to the United States with his wife and 5-year-old daughter. With a family to maintain and without any financial support he worked in different areas from cleaning a supermarket, through to toiling long hours as a telephone operator in a callcenter. After much effort he became a developer in the company that would later become the first customer of Belatrix.

Review our timeline below to see how Belatrix has developed from its humble beginnings.


Luis Robbio (Belatrix’s current CEO) and his two sons Federico Robbio and Alex Robbio set out to start Belatrix. Its core competency at that time was in industrial process automation for automotive companies in Argentina. With the passage of time, more and more of the earlier Belatrix’s activities were focused on software development.



The company pivoted to focus solely in providing software product development services. Benefiting from excellent Argentinean programmers and natural timezone overlaps, the company started providing outsourcing and nearshoring software development services for a number of companies in the US.

Belatrix Software enjoys high double digit, year by year growth, increasing both revenues and employees. The company continues to specialize in innovative and high quality software development and quality assurance services. The founders placed great emphasis on talent development, which has become one of the greatest differentiators of the company. Its internal training program invests more than 120 hours of training per person per year – nearly 3 times that of typical companies in the industry.



2011 – In addition to its two development centers in Mendoza, Argentina, Belatrix extended its operations to another center in Lima, Peru. Over the next few years the Lima offices would grow to become one of Belatrix’s key development centers.

2013 – Endeavor selected Belatrix to join its program of High Impact Entrepreneurs. This program has included heavyweight companies such as Mercardo Libre.

Belatrix opened a new delivery center in Buenos Aires. The company was awarded “Exporter of the Year” in Mendoza for the first time. Belatrix won the award again in 2016.



Belatrix was recognized as a “new age software product engineering service provider” by the independent research company, Horses for Sources.

The organization Great Place to Work recognized Belatrix as the 4th best place to work in Argentina, and the 12th best place to work in Peru.

Belatrix’s commitment to its people is one of its key differentiators, and a key reason the attrition rate is one of the lowest in the industry.

In addition, the company certified ISO 27001, becoming one of just a select number of companies in Latin America to have achieved this global security standard.



Belatrix opened its offices in Bogotá, Colombia, as well as further expanded its Lima delivery center. Meanwhile, the company received more recognition when the global consulting company, EY, recognized the founders of Belatrix as the “Entrepreneurs of the Year” in Argentina.

And so the story continues….