5 tips for a front-end developer

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User Interface (UI) Design focuses on anticipating what users might need to do and ensuring that elements are easy to access, understand and use. After the designer completes the process, design should be applied to the application and that’s when the front-end developer appears. There are some tips for developers that may come in handy to simplify make some tasks much more simple:

 1. Plan your day

Always a good planning will help you save lots of time and reduce the stress when the deadline is getting closer. Be organized, and keep the client or the project manager on the loop in order to finish on time every day.

 2. Be Curious

New tools, plugins, techniques and languages are released almost every day. It’s crucial that you stay open to all the new things and make a conscious effort to explore and understand them.

 3. Regular communication with the designer

This will help you understand the design better and navigate easily though the process. Don’t be afraid to ask silly questions: sometimes they are not as silly as they look like.

4. Apply good practices

There are some excellent practices that, as developers, we should always apply while coding:

– Comment you code

– Be organized with the files (images, css, js, less, etc.)

– Do NOT use important attribute. Someone will thank you later.

– Do NOT use inline styles, these create code harder to maintain.

– Alphabetize Properties. It might be  harder at the beginning but very helpful in the future.

5. Test in multiple browsers

Generally, you’ll find that non-IE browsers behave similarly and IE is a special case – especially if you follow the advice above. When necessary, you can add IE hacks in a separate stylesheet and only load it for IE users.

 I hope these tips help you improve your daily work. There’s always more ways to be productive and deliver a final product with the best practices.

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