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Alex Robbio is one of Belatrix Software's founders. He also heads up Belatrix's Sales group. An experienced software executive, Alex has held several high-ranking positions at top software companies both in Argentina and the US. He currently lives in the US where he manages the Belatrix US location and all the sales and marketing efforts for the company. He travels extensively throughout the world promoting Belatrix and participating and presenting in international conferences. Alex received his Bachellor of Science in Psychology from National Unversity of Saint Louis (San Luis, Argentina) with a focus on Industrial Psychology and Human Resources. He later obtained a Graduate Certificate in Business Management from Universidad Tecnológica in Mendoza, Argentina. He has been an active Counselor at the Utah Valley University.
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ISVs interest on Microsoft Windows 8, a success or another Vista?

By  on November 29, 2012

In:Windows 8 Development

We at Belatrix Software Factory have been providing software development outsourcing for the Microsoft Windows desktop platform for over 10 years, we have used Delphi, .NET WinForms, .NET WPF and […]