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Emilia Robbio

Emilia is based in New York City and is part of the Belatrix marketing team, she’s a Social Media Analyst for Belatrix and a contributing writer. Emilia has an academic background in performing arts complemented by additional studies in social media, digital marketing and strategic marketing. She is passionate about exploring the endless and exciting possibilities that arise in the intersection between technology, media, and fashion.

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Billions of dollars in research, and I still can’t buy a self-driving car! Our highlights of CES 2018

By  on January 16, 2018

In:Consumer Electronics |Technology

Another year has come, which means another gadget extravaganza at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Fortune Magazine, this year there were “4,000 exhibitors […]


Is the Chief Digital Officer stealing the Chief Marketing Officers’ thunder?

By  on December 21, 2017


In a world where technology is rapidly changing before our eyes, the challenges and opportunities that present themselves for businesses are colossal. Business models are being disrupted left and right. […]


Au Revoir Travis Kalanick; Learning from Uber’s mistakes

By  on October 26, 2017


Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past year, then you know Uber has been hit by scandal after scandal. The question we have to ask is how one […]


Experimentando personalmente la Tienda del Futuro

By  on August 10, 2017


Dos de los temas más importantes en los últimos tiempos se están fusionando: tecnología y moda. Para saber más sobre cómo los diseñadores de moda están incorporando la tecnología, decidí […]


Experiencing first-hand the retail fashion store of the future

By  on August 9, 2017


Tech and fashion, two of hottest topics are merging together. To find out more about how fashion designers are incorporating technology, I decided to head to 96 Green St. to […]