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Fernando Gonzalez

Fernando González is the V.P. Marketing of Belatrix and is responsible for all external and internal communications, promotions and sales actions, and lead generation. Fernando is also responsible for developing the content generation strategy, aimed at satisfying the growing demand for quality technical content. Fernando works closely with Belatrix´s human resource teams in designing and executing the recruitment marketing strategies.

Fernando has a bachelors degree in marketing from University of Aconcagua in Mendoza, where he was also a teacher for 12 years. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Fernando has started various companies in the past. His last adventure was a travel agency in which he served as manager and co-founder for 9 years. He’s also taught marketing and businesses at the National Technological University (UTN) and University of Mendoza. Fernando loves climbing mountains and outdoor life. He lives in Colombia with his wife and 2 girls.

Fernando's Posts

Why are there so many cryptocurrencies?

By  on April 4, 2018


There are 1583 cryptocurrencies listed on coinmarketcap.com. That is more than all the different types of fiat currencies in the world. The question many people ask is, why are there […]


¡La oficina de Belatrix en Bogotá abrió sus puertas!

By  on February 16, 2018


Estoy encantado de anunciar que la inauguración oficial de las oficinas de Belatrix en Bogotá tuvo lugar ayer por la tarde. Belatrix realizó sus movimientos iniciales en Colombia en 2016, […]


Belatrix’s Bogotá office is open!

By  on February 16, 2018


I’m delighted to announce the official inauguration of Belatrix’s Bogotá offices took place yesterday evening. Belatrix made its initial moves to Bogotá, Colombia in 2016, and over the past few […]


Find out why scaling the digital wall is imperative in 2017

By  on July 5, 2017

In:Digital transformation |software development

Digital transformation is being felt everywhere. Success in our digital age requires new psychology, new strategies, and new technologies. But what exactly does it mean? In this blog I want […]


A world of innovation on display at our annual Hackatrix

By  on May 24, 2017

In:Agile Development |Hackathon |Innovation

In a world where the cadence of product releases continues to increase rapidly, the ability to quickly spin-up a prototype at little cost, represents a key skill for today’s product […]


More blockchain and bitcoin startups will mean more innovation

By  on March 31, 2017

In:Financial |Technology

Venture capitalists invested more than $58.8 billion in startups in 2015. Of this $14.8 billion in FinTech funding came in during 2015 in North America. $474 million went to Bitcoin, […]


Financial tech disrupting the industry in 2017

By  on February 24, 2017

In:Financial |Technology

Finance describes the business of money, and that’s how most people regard the industry; it’s so much sexier put in those terms. But strip it to its basic elements and […]


Why you should be implementing continuous delivery

By  on December 6, 2016

In:software development

“Continuous delivery is the way — even if you never achieve it, the mere pursuit will make your organization better.” Steven Winter, Chief Strategist at GuerrillaQA Continuous delivery, CD, is […]


Belatrix Software Ranked As a Top Latin America Developer

By  on March 10, 2016

In:software development

Clutch, a Washington-DC based research firm recently named Belatrix Software as a leading software developer in Latin America. Belatrix Software is also featured on Clutch as a Top Enterprise Software […]


Migrating your offshore mindset

By  on October 20, 2014


Earlier today I ran into this article from CIO.com where 3 CIOs speak about offshoring vs in-house development teams. I would like to share the key takeaways plus some personal comments […]


Sparking Innovation with Agile Development

By  and on August 14, 2013

In:Agile |Innovation |Software Product Development

Most entrepreneurs, artists, and great inventors have one thing in common: they’ve failed. As strange as that might sound, failure is a part of almost every success story. Perseverance and […]


Focus on your people and it will show

By  on July 19, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I was invited to speak in behalf of Belatrix at a series of conferences organized by the National University of Engineering –the most traditional and […]


New whitepaper released: Agile Software Testing

By  on August 16, 2012


We have just released a new whitepaper about Agile Software Testing. In this whitepaper, we invite you to explore further the benefits and advantages of using Agile Testing to optimize […]