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Juan Pablo Calvo, or "Kolo" as his friends call him, is a Project Leader at Belatrix Software. Juan joined Belatrix in 2006, originally starting as an Intern. Now a QA Project Leader with more than five years of experience, his role is to advise clients and help them determine which test strategy and improvements to apply to their development efforts. He also works to ensure clear communication channels exist between development and QA and that teams have what they need to be effective. Kolo is social. He likes spending time with his family and friends as well and sharing a good "asado," aka BBQ. Definitely outgoing, by nature, when not at work, Kolo loves to play and watch all kinds of sports. He's also very passionate about travel. He plans to travel around the world, seeing and experiencing new places, flavors and people.
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Twenty Ways to Fail As a QA Engineer

By  on October 18, 2012

In:Quality Assurance |Testing

The role of a QA engineer is sometimes unclear. It’s seen as the “guy who can break the application.” With a lot of work and effort though this concept has […]