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Juan Ricardo Ñique

Juan Ricardo Ñique is a developer engineer at Belatrix. At Belatrix he is working with a major telecommunications company to develop and implement a new software portal for their customers. Prior to joining Belatrix, Ricardo gathered a range of experience in the tech industry, working for leading tech companies in positions ranging from team leader, to roles in development and quality assurance. He studied informatics engineering at the Ricardo Palma University in Peru, and also has a diploma in information security using ISO 27001 from INICTEL.
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El potencial de las redes en malla para ayudar durante desastres naturales

By  on December 22, 2017


Lamentablemente, los desastres naturales son parte de la vida en muchos países. Perú, por ejemplo, a lo largo de los años, ha sido afectado por inundaciones, terremotos, deslizamientos de rocas […]


The potential of mesh networks to help people during natural disasters

By  on December 14, 2017


Natural disasters are unfortunately a part of life in many countries. In Peru for example, over the years, it has been hit by floods, earthquakes, rock slides, and torrential rains. […]