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Leonardo Otero

Leonardo Otero is a Solutions Architect and a Subject Matter Expert on Node.js c in Belatrix. He is specialized in Amazon AWS and has more than 20 years of experience developing solutions using Java, Python and more recently Node.js as programming languages. During his career, Leonardo participated in several projects for world-class companies giving architectural and software development services. Leonardo frequently gives talks and workshops about Node.js and Amazon AWS, two if his greatest passions.
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How to decide between RDBMS and HADOOP?

By  on February 1, 2018


What are the differences between traditional or RDBMS and Hadoop database systems? Both traditional relational (RDBMS) and Hadoop database systems have similar functionalities in terms of collection, storage, processing, recovery, […]


Moving to a serverless architecture in 2017

By  on January 23, 2017

In:Big data |Cloud |Gartner Research |Technology

In 2017 it is a safe prediction that more and more projects will use big data. The availability and need for data from different sources, whether for real-time analytics in […]