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Luis Robbio

As CEO & Co-Founder of Belatrix Software, Luis has been pivotal in shaping the innovation focused, collaborative culture of the firm, defining its strategic course, and empowering the leadership team to achieve the vision. He’s dedicated to deepen Belatrix’s “innovation” value proposition to the market through initiatives designed to empower Belatrix’s developers to be proactive in sharing ideas and best practices for product innovation. By building on Belatrix’s flat and open, highly collaborative organizational culture, the firm strives to become an essential partner to its clients.
Luis also leads Belatrix´s Governance Committee which exists to monitor the progress of customer projects to ensure they meet specific KPIs. This allows him to stay close to clients. He’s also highly active in the community where he participates in the region’s economic development initiatives. This has earned him numerous awards for his contributions to those efforts.
Celebrating almost 40 years of professional experience, prior to founding Belatrix, Luis held executive positions in several large multinational firms, such as IMPSA Group, Macri Group, TCA Brazil, among others.

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