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Maximiliano Vega

Maximiliano Vega is SME at Belatrix. He has experience as a Software Architect & Developer in a wide variety of business software, with more than 15 years working with Java technologies and more than 5 working with Cloud computing (AWS, Google, BlueMix), currently is involved in projects of Integration,Big Data and Machine Learning in our Digital Transformation Center of Excellence, also, He have participated as speaker of Machine Learning and Digital Transformation in Google Developer Group, Universidad de Palermo & ORT.

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Transformación Digital: La importancia de la integración

By  on October 6, 2017


Durante el último año mucho se ha hablado y escrito sobre la Transformación Digital y cómo ésta afecta nuestras vidas día a día, obligando a las organizaciones a innovar sus […]


Digital transformation: The importance of integration

By  on October 6, 2017

In:Digital transformation

Over the last year, much has been said and written about digital transformation and how it has the potential to change our everyday lives, and push organizations to innovate their […]