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Silvana is a systems engineer with 15+ years of experience in the software industry. She has been involved with Belatrix since the very beginning of the company, working in different positions from Senior Developer to Production Director. She's been a promoter of Belatrix's Agile methodology expertise. Nowadays she is a Technical Solutions Consultant. Based on her technical background, her management and sales skills and her understanding of services, she advises and supports clients in order to meet their business needs. With an action-oriented approach she helps tailoring solutions for customers. Her innate ability to mediate enables her to play the role of effective broker between Sales and Production teams.
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Why this is a great time to be a woman in tech

By  on May 25, 2018


My highlights from Women Who Code Connect 2018 Driving back from the Women Who Code Connect 2018 event at Twitter’s HQ in San Francisco, California, I remembered a childhood event. […]


The 3 Biggest Mistakes That New Agile Teams Make

By  on February 2, 2017


No one said it was going to be easy. Agile development demands a different way of thinking about software and a different way of working. Developers and managers are people […]


Pokémon Go and the boom of Augmented Reality

By  on August 2, 2016


Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality have been around for a number of years, but so far they have only seen gradual adoption. Until now. Pokémon Go was released in early […]


The Salami Estimation Technique in an Agile Engagement

By  on October 14, 2014

In:Software Product Development

When it comes to starting a software development project there are two main topics people worry about. The first one is always about costs, and the second about how long […]