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Stefan Riedmann

Stefan Riedmann is a senior software developer at Belatrix. He joined Belatrix in 2015 and specializes in financial management systems, with particular expertise in technologies including .NET, C#, WPF, Angular and SQL. Prior to joining Belatrix, he worked for Bosch and IBM in Germany. He holds diverse interests in technology ranging from space technology, server development, 3D simulation to mobile applications. Stefan graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg, Germany.
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Progressive Web Apps – the future?

By  and on January 10, 2018

In:Cross Platform |Software Product Development |Technology

Progressive web apps have been in the news a lot recently – organizations ranging from WhatsApp to NASA are using the technology. But what are they exactly, and what advantages […]


How test driven development helps keep you in the driver’s seat

By  on July 19, 2017

In:test driven development (TDD) |Testing

Stefan Riedmann is a senior-software developer at Belatrix. This blog was originally published on his personal blog. I think there’s an expression that fits pretty well to what I have […]