Focus on your people and it will show

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team people focusA couple of weeks ago I was invited to speak in behalf of Belatrix at a series of conferences organized by the National University of Engineering –the most traditional and prestigious University in Argentina (UTN in Spanish).

This conference was part of the new “University Social Responsibility Program” carried out by the institution as a way to promote good social practices and also to create cross collaboration between Universities and Companies, ensuring a more effective educational process that will generate more prepared and labor market-oriented professionals.

Belatrix has many programs that could be considered as CSR initiatives, including training programs open to the community (and even competitors), special flexibility for mothers, corporate and individual support for charity initiatives, relocation assistance for engineers coming from a different location, and many many others.  But the thing that impressed the public especially was the people-centric focus of the company. As a Software Product Innovation company Belatrix really raises the standards in people focus, taking care of many aspects of the well-being of engineers, managers, developers, interns and everyone at the organization.

Whether a company calls these actions People Care, CSR or simply Human Resources, when a firm focuses in the personal and professional growth of the people, it shows. And it shows not only on the quality of their products but specifically in the happiness of the people and the high orientation to results as well as the professional and personal growth they achieve while in the company.

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