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Doubts about Agile Distributed Teams?

Nowadays, companies are global and their resources and markets are mostly in different locations. Research shows that more than 80% of Agile Teams are distributed across the world, and to capitalize on disruptive forces, companies need partners who can help them meet those challenges.

Here at Belatrix Software we offer help to make sure our clients meet those challenges head on by multiplying innovation efforts. But how to be sure whether or not Agile is the right model for your company?

Our whitepaper “Agile distributed teams” will help you elucidate that question and several others, including how Nearshore Agile vary from Offshore Distributed Agile and how you determine the best size of a team, all answered by one of our experts certified Scrum master.

Download the whitepaper “Agile distributed teams” here

Agile Distributed Teams