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Why Argentina must focus on education to lead in the knowledge-based economy

By  on March 28, 2018

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As part of President Macri’s new “Consejo de Notables” knowledge commision, I’ll be pushing for changes to the education sector to prepare our country for technology innovation and creating high-value […]


Empower your VP of Innovation to thrive in a time of digital disruption

By  on January 18, 2018

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We’re living in a time of unparalleled change and disruption. Between 2000 and 2015, 52% of Fortune 500 companies were acquired, went bankrupt, or disappeared from the list. In order […]


A world of innovation on display at our annual Hackatrix

By  on May 24, 2017

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In a world where the cadence of product releases continues to increase rapidly, the ability to quickly spin-up a prototype at little cost, represents a key skill for today’s product […]


Brexit and what it means for the tech services industry

By  on June 29, 2016

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With Brexit we’re witnessing the greatest political, economic, and social upheaval in the UK that we’ve seen for decades. For the UK tech industry, the research firm Gartner predicts that […]


The Tech Leaders’ New Playbook For Innovation

By  on August 11, 2015

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Executives have long noted the disjuncture between corporate R&D spending and innovation. Nokia for example was for years one of the largest R&D spenders in the world, yet for all […]


Creating An Innovation Team, Part 2

By  on July 7, 2015

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A few weeks ago I wrote an article about why new digital technologies drive organizations to look to nearshore Agile innovation. I promised that as follow-up I would provide guidance […]


What We Learnt From Mobile World Congress

By  on March 13, 2015

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Last week nearly 100,000 people attended Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Some of the major product launches at the event, such as Samsung´s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones, […]


Best Practices For Building a Nearshore Innovation Team

By  and on March 9, 2015

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Are you a football or basketball fan? Did you enjoy the last Super Bowl or NBA All-Star game? If you did, you’re familiar with what a great team looks like. […]


Why The Real News At The CES Is All About Software

By  on January 12, 2015


Now that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is over for another year, here at Belatrix we wanted to share with you our highlights from the event and share our interpretation […]


Mobile Tech Inspires New Products At Belatrix’s Hackathon

By  on December 2, 2014

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Innovation, creativity, leadership – plus some cracking final products – and you can see why Belatrix’s “Codefest 2014” Hackathon was a resounding success. Here at Belatrix we organized this internal […]


Success or Failure: What’s to Keep You From Following in the Footsteps of

By  on July 30, 2014

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The government’s disastrous failed attempt to roll out the new health care system last year has been the inspiration for countless articles detailing the do’s and don’ts of your own […]


Starting a Belatrix R&D Lab Accelerates Innovation

By  on January 28, 2014

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How does a Belatrix R&D Lab work? A recent Quora discussion asked CTOs to share what kind of challenges they face.   Keeping up with the sheer pace of technology […]


Kernel Tells Why Belatrix is their Agile Co-Innovation Partner

By  on December 12, 2013

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 We thrive on hearing how clients benefit from co-innovation with Belatrix Software.   Sometimes though, our client collaborations are so secret, that even our most long-standing, and happy clients, aren’t […]


Belatrix Software attended exclusive MIT Sloan CEO Summit

By  on November 6, 2013

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Luis Robbio (Belatrix Software’s CEO and President) and Alex Robbio attended the exclusive MIT Sloan CEO Summit in the Boston area on November 5-6th.  The event kicks off Belatrix Software’s […]


Technology Innovation at the Center of eLearning and edTech Growth

By  on September 30, 2013

In:Innovation |Nearshore |Software Product Development

The Education sector is on a course for radical transformation and software and technology innovation is at the center of eLearning disruption. This is already extremely evident from the success […]


Sparking Innovation with Agile Development

By  and on August 14, 2013

In:Agile |Innovation |Software Product Development

Most entrepreneurs, artists, and great inventors have one thing in common: they’ve failed. As strange as that might sound, failure is a part of almost every success story. Perseverance and […]


10 reasons for why great new product development ideas go nowhere

By  on April 4, 2013

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I was recently doing some research on new product development (NPD) and came across an excellent blog from Ian McAllister.  Ian (as the blog notes) runs Amazon’s worldwide Wish List […]


Communication trip ups that make or break projects (Part 2)

By  on January 15, 2013

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This is second in a series related to why the best intentions to communicate effectively sometimes go arry.  Communication is  much, much more than speaking a common language.  In our […]


Innovate from obscurity – NSF e-Design scientist looks at software innovation

By  on January 7, 2013

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I’m always on the look out for interesting innovation content.  It’s certainly a professional quest.  I believe that as a software partner, it’s imperative that Belatrix enable its client’s innovation […]


Communication trip ups that make or break projects (Part 1)

By  on December 31, 2012

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Ten years ago when we first started this business we imagined that any early communication issues would be solved once people mastered English. Over time, we learned that there are […]


MIT Business Report on Innovation Funding

By  on November 19, 2012

In:Consumer needs |Customer Engagement |Ideas |Innovation |Outsourcing

Where does innovation come from? That’s the question posed by a recent MIT Technology Review Business Report on Innovation Funding.  It’s a good read for those of you wanting to […]


Innovate and Grow the Business Imperatives

By  on October 30, 2012


A recent Forrester blog by analyst, Lutz Peichert, shares the point of view that “… as an ever-growing number of companies invest in innovation, they will realize a significant portion of this […]