Kernel Tells Why Belatrix is their Agile Co-Innovation Partner

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Kernel, co-innovation partner
Kernel, co-innovation partner
 We thrive on hearing how clients benefit from co-innovation with Belatrix Software.   Sometimes though, our client collaborations are so secret, that even our most long-standing, and happy clients, aren’t able to publicly disclose how we help them concept, develop, and test their innovation efforts.  Imagine our delight when one of our clients offered to do a video testimonial for Belatrix, to tell why Belatrix is its Co-Innovation Partner.  Silicon Valley based enterprise software company,  kernel, is creating a tool to help companies collaborate better and make progress faster.  Belatrix is partnering with them in a Distributed Agile model, using Scrum.

Check out the video below where Eric Kowalchyk, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of  kernel shares why they decided to co-innovate with Belatrix.  Learn how they are benefiting from the collaboration and see just how you might expand your innovation agenda too.

“Belatrix … [offers] real business value to us.”  — Eric Kowalchyk

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