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A major strength of Belatrix is its software testing expertise.  It’s something we believe in very strongly in.  Software testing is strategic, and we’re passionate about it.  How passionate?  Here’s proof we’re passionate about software testing…  

Belatrix recently issued  a personal invitation to each of our QA Engineers in Mendoza.  The invitation — gather on a weekend to share experiences, knowledge and listen and learn through dynamic talks.  

What inspired this?  It was a goal to create a personal journey for each of our QA engineers.  Our QA engineers are passionate about learning more.  The goal was to carve out a time to enable each person’s growth — a way to inspire each further towards growing his/her expertise and passion for software testing.  

A secondary goal — create a conceptual space for play, something equally critical in keeping each of us energized and ready to absorb and practice new learnings.  

The final goal was to bring our people together to enjoy being together as a team, and create a great overall experience.   

The day was a great success.  Held in the gardens of Chacras, all of the QA Engineers gathered for two technical roundtables where QAs shared their experiences on different projects, group exercises and recreational time to reflect and internalize the concepts experienced during the day.  

Some of the the Tech Talks were on “Testing mobile devices” and “How do you know you are really doing agile testing?”

Check out some of the pictures from that day.

Casting call for software testers - part 1 Casting call for software testers - part 2

Casting call for software testers - part 3

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