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How artificial intelligence will change the world of work

By  on June 15, 2017

In:Artificial Intelligence

The perception of artificial intelligence has shifted over the past decade. Most businesses now have favorable attitudes toward AI in the workplace. Narrative Science reports that 80% of tech leaders […]


The 3 Biggest Mistakes That New Agile Teams Make

By  on February 2, 2017


No one said it was going to be easy. Agile development demands a different way of thinking about software and a different way of working. Developers and managers are people […]


Start preparing now for the emergence of Machine Learning

By  on November 29, 2016

In:Machine Learning

81% of business and technology professionals in Belatrix’s recent survey believe that machine learning will have some or significant impact on their organizations within the next 5 years. Are you […]


New testers for a new kind of automation

By  on August 5, 2014

In:Software Testing

FITTEST is a European project that started back in 2010 with the objective of developing an integrated environment for the automated and continuous testing of Future Internet Applications. Recently, they […]