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Why DevOps?

By  on October 31, 2017

In:software development

DevOps is a term that encompasses a group of concepts, practices and techniques that although are not all new, are now being spread about much more by the software community. […]


Understand performance testing and why it is becoming important

By  on April 27, 2017

In:Software Testing |Testing

Today we have greater expectations of the software we use than ever before. This is the number one reason why performance testing has become so important. Research suggests that just […]


Why you should consider Functional Programming

By  on February 16, 2016

In:Software Product Development |Technology

Every developer, team leader and product manager knows that the world moves fast. And I mean fast enough to make us all feel dizzy with weekly new breakthroughs and new […]


Belatrix achieves ISO 27001 global security standard

By  on January 26, 2016


Belatrix was recently awarded the ISO 27001 information security standard. In this blog post I want to share briefly why we consider this is important and some of the benefits […]


Communication trip ups that make or break projects (Part 2)

By  on January 15, 2013

In:Agile |Communication |Innovation |Management |Performance

This is second in a series related to why the best intentions to communicate effectively sometimes go arry.  Communication is  much, much more than speaking a common language.  In our […]


Five keys to success when working with an outsourced software development partner

By  on January 2, 2013

In:Agile |Communication |Nearshore |Offshore |Outsourcing |Scrum |Teamwork

A healthy relationship between client and development partner is the key to success. This generates a good atmosphere where both parties can collaborate to achieve goals and generate greater value […]


Communication trip ups that make or break projects (Part 1)

By  on December 31, 2012

In:Agile |Communication |Empowerment |Innovation |Management |Outsourcing |Performance

Ten years ago when we first started this business we imagined that any early communication issues would be solved once people mastered English. Over time, we learned that there are […]