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¿Por qué DevOps?

By  on November 7, 2017


DevOps es un término que engloba un grupo de conceptos, prácticas y técnicas que aunque no son todos nuevos, se están extendiendo por la comunidad del software. ¿Qué es DevOps? […]


Why DevOps?

By  on October 31, 2017

In:software development

DevOps is a term that encompasses a group of concepts, practices and techniques that although are not all new, are now being spread about much more by the software community. […]


Developers should hone their business skills to be successful in DevOps

By  on June 29, 2017

In:software development

I have been working with several organizations as they implement DevOps. As these enterprises make the transition, it’s been fascinating to see both the challenges and benefits that implementing DevOps […]


What Is DevOps And How Can It Help You Increase Profits

By  on September 22, 2015

In:Agile Development

For the last few years DevOps has played an increasingly important role in the technology world. But what are doing companies, of any size, to adopt DevOps in their software […]