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Key Takeaways from Fintech Week London

By  on July 26, 2016

In:Financial |Technology

Last week I, along with Belatrix colleagues, attended Fintech Week London, a key industry event in the rapidly growing world of fintech (and, interestingly, the event actually consisted of first […]


Brexit and what it means for the tech services industry

By  on June 29, 2016

In:Innovation |Technology

With Brexit we’re witnessing the greatest political, economic, and social upheaval in the UK that we’ve seen for decades. For the UK tech industry, the research firm Gartner predicts that […]


How can innovative companies take advantage of nearshore services

By  on April 12, 2016

In:Nearshore |Webinar

Last year Belatrix’s Co-Founder and President, Alex Robbio, wrote a blog questioning the future of the nearshore services industry. The blog titled, “Why Nearshore No Longer Works” argued that if […]


Chronicles of a busy 2015 at Belatrix

By  on December 31, 2015


The moment to raise our glasses in celebrating the end of the year has arrived, and I want to share with you some of the reasons why Belatrix is making […]


Bringing 2015 To A Close With A Bang!

By  on December 28, 2015

In:Agile Development

With 2015 coming to an end, and everyone eagerly awaiting for the year end party, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on an incredible 2015 and look forward […]


The Tech Leaders’ New Playbook For Innovation

By  on August 11, 2015

In:Hackathon |Innovation

Executives have long noted the disjuncture between corporate R&D spending and innovation. Nokia for example was for years one of the largest R&D spenders in the world, yet for all […]


Communication trip ups that make or break projects (Part 2)

By  on January 15, 2013

In:Agile |Communication |Innovation |Management |Performance

This is second in a series related to why the best intentions to communicate effectively sometimes go arry.  Communication is  much, much more than speaking a common language.  In our […]


Innovate from obscurity – NSF e-Design scientist looks at software innovation

By  on January 7, 2013

In:Design |Innovation

I’m always on the look out for interesting innovation content.  It’s certainly a professional quest.  I believe that as a software partner, it’s imperative that Belatrix enable its client’s innovation […]


Communication trip ups that make or break projects (Part 1)

By  on December 31, 2012

In:Agile |Communication |Empowerment |Innovation |Management |Outsourcing |Performance

Ten years ago when we first started this business we imagined that any early communication issues would be solved once people mastered English. Over time, we learned that there are […]