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Bluetooth Mesh offers new opportunities for innovative CTOs

By  on July 27, 2017


Last week Bluetooth SIG announced a major new update to the Bluetooth wireless standard – the specification for Bluetooth mesh networking. This update has potential to transform the world of […]


A world of innovation on display at our annual Hackatrix

By  on May 24, 2017

In:Agile Development |Hackathon |Innovation

In a world where the cadence of product releases continues to increase rapidly, the ability to quickly spin-up a prototype at little cost, represents a key skill for today’s product […]


The growth of smart home technology

By  on March 3, 2017

In:Internet Of Things |Technology

Smart home technology needs the Internet of Things The smart home technology market is growing quickly. Many entrepreneurial companies are producing smart home devices that can help homeowners use technology […]


Moving to a serverless architecture in 2017

By  on January 23, 2017

In:Big data |Cloud |Gartner Research |Technology

In 2017 it is a safe prediction that more and more projects will use big data. The availability and need for data from different sources, whether for real-time analytics in […]


Argentine government making moves to position the country at the top of the tech world

By  on January 3, 2017


A couple of weeks ago I attended a couple of events of the Argentine government, which demonstrate the dramatic changes we can expect in the coming years in the country’s tech […]


Personal developer interest driving development of Internet of Things skills

By  on May 5, 2016

In:Internet Of Things

In the the first quarter of 2016 we surveyed 564 Latin American developers, to better understand the current dynamics in the nearshore services industry. Over the next few weeks we’ll […]


How Open Source Will Drive The IOT Revolution – Join Our Webinar Tomorrow!

By  on August 10, 2015

In:Technology |Webinar

Businesses must prepare for the convergence of two of the most transformative trends in technology – open source and the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT, put simply, involves using […]


What Is IoT And 5 Tips When Creating Yours

By  on July 13, 2015

In:Business |Technology

Creating your own Internet of Things (IoT) network will often be fraught with difficulty. Crucially you’ll need to understand how to drive value and insights, from a vast array of […]


What The Internet Of Things Means For CTOs – Join Our Webinar Tomorrow

By  on April 20, 2015

In:Software Product Development

The technology industry is at fever pitch about the Internet of Things (IOT) and its potential. At the consumer electronics show at the beginning of the year, Samsung announced it […]