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Training the University of Aconcagua in Agile project management

By  on December 22, 2016

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A few weeks ago I gave an Agile training session at the University of Aconcagua (UDA) in Argentina. The idea behind the workshop was to see if we could help […]


Leadership skills in Agile teams

By  on February 9, 2016

In:Agile |Agile Development |Management |software development |Teamwork

The importance of empowerment and autonomy in Agile development   Successful Agile development teams self-organize to achieve their goals. The key is teamwork and it is only accomplished when everyone […]


Making Distributed Agile Development Work

By  and on September 19, 2013

In:Agile |Mobile |Software Product Development

This is part 2 in a series examining the value of distributed Agile development. In part 1, we looked at some of the challenges that can arise and how to […]


Leveraging Global Talent with Distributed Agile Development

By  and on September 13, 2013

In:Agile |Nearshore |Software Product Development |talent

Agile development has historically meant all team members need to meet regularly in the same room. Collaboration has a reputation that necessitates close proximity of team members. But, that model […]


How to Build a Winning Agile Development Team

By  and on August 28, 2013

In:Agile |Software Product Development

There’s no question that Agile development concepts are here to stay, but just saying that a project is being done “with Agile methodologies” isn’t the same as true Agile development.  […]


10 Must-Have Principles for Agile Testers

By  and on August 5, 2013

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At Belatrix, we believe that Agile testing is a better and more effective form of QA testing. According to Agile Testing by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory, a professional Agile […]


Focus on your people and it will show

By  on July 19, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I was invited to speak in behalf of Belatrix at a series of conferences organized by the National University of Engineering –the most traditional and […]