The importance of software system documentation in maintenance

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Why is it so important to keep the software system documentation up-to-date?

We can find several answers to this issue, but it is definitely a key point of basic engineering software that allows us to avoid significant errors in software project management.

One of the benefits of software system documentation is that we can preserve the history of the systems at different cycles and in turn facilitate the use of it by the users and maintainers. The latter are those who are in position to bring to-date documentation. Basically, the objective of documentation  is to teach, those unfamiliar with the system, how it is structured, how it works, and what are the design motifs. Additionally, software documentation facilitates interpretation of the system. While the concepts of agile methodologies focus on the methodology,  documentation can be applied without affecting the process, as long as time and effort are invested.  One of the biggest problems that many of us experience at some point is where you run into specific system design problems without having a guide.  It’s like going through a jungle without a map or compass. The result is significant loss of time and money many times. While software system documentation can be a tedious task, even more so when there are large scale, complex systems, someone has to do it.  Documentation of maintenance systems may have a significant cost, but if the investment is done correctly, it is worth it in the long run.

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