Design Thinking + Agile

Product Innovation Multiplied

Savy executives rely on Agile software development to amplify their software product development efforts. The business and overall success of the product though is influenced heavily by how well conceived the product concept is. And that’s where Design Thinking combines with Agile to pack a powerful punch in an enterprise product development strategy.

Dr. Simone Ahuja

Belatrix recently invited Dr. Simone Ahuja, Innovation Thought Leader and Founder of BloodOrange Consulting, to kick off the first webcast of the Belatrix Software Innovation University (BSIU). The webcast guids innovation leaders in thinking about how to apply the benefits of Design Thinking to their Agile Software Development to accelerate product innovation.

Dr. Simone Ahuja


Watch this 4 minute video where Dr. Simone Ahuja explains:

  • Overview of Design Thinking and Agile for Product Innovation.
  • Impact of applying Design Thinking & Agile

Also, you can see the entire webcast on Design Thinking here.

Belatrix Software, the leading global Nearshore firm, develops high quality, innovative software, QA and testing, applying a unique methodology that combines the DESIGN THINKING with AGILE software methodology.

The company has been one of the pioneers in adopting SCRUM, therefore currently having an extensive Agile experience and the highest number of Certified Scrum Masters in Latin America. To boost its clients’ innovation efforts, Belatrix Software strongly invest in incentivizing its engineers to gain fresh inspiration and be innovative, following up the Design Thinking model.

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