Build and deliver software to customers in a fast, consistent, and repeatable way with DevOps Your digital transformation requires faster time to market, shorter software development lifecycles, and the ability to adapt rapidly to changing customer demands. DevOps provides the solution.

DevOps will take your Agile development capabilities to a new level

Successful companies today need to rapidly update their products and get releases live to their customers. Here organizations have found success with Agile development – improving the speed and quality of software development. However, a common problem is a lack of speed in the final part of the process, of getting newly developed software into production and live for customers. This is why DevOps is often referred to as “Agile on steroids”. Because it helps you bring your development and operations teams together to get you massively increase the speed of getting your software out of the door and in front of your customers. We can help you implement DevOps faster, as you will able to take advantage of our experience and ready to implement artifacts. Our pre-assembled solution means you can hit the ground running in one week or less. Our solution will also provide you with visibility into how stable every version of your product is, and will enable you to create a new demo environment with just one click to show your product to stakeholders, investors or prospective customers. Belatrix’s DevOps services will help you:
  • Transform your business requirements into technical solutions
  • Improve the speed and quality of your software development lifecycle. Automating testing and deployment means faster, repeatable releases
  • Improve operational efficiency – help development and operations teams work more efficiently
  • Choose the right DevOps tools for your environment and your goals
  • Implement continuous delivery and continuous integration environments
  • Best practices for DevOps implementations

Start-ups – make sure to also review our Innovation Labs

If you are a start-up, then make sure to review our dedicated Innovation Labs. Each of our 5 Innovation Labs focuses on a specific pain point to help start-ups develop great software and build their businesses. Several of these Labs are closely related to our DevOps services, but are targeted specifically at start-ups. Our labs are:
  • UX Lab
  • Mobile Lab
  • Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery Lab
  • Test Automation Lab
  • Digital Transformation Lab
Find out more about Belatrix’s Innovation Labs. Contact us today to get started on your DevOps journey.

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