The History of Belatrix - Belatrix Software


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The History of Belatrix - Belatrix Software

We provide unparalleled software development services by combining nearly 20 years of experience, top IT talent, and highly-tuned agile development processes

What started out originally as the brainchild of two Argentinean electronic engineers, Luis Robbio and a partner, is now Belatrix Software, a global Nearshore software innovation partner to firms across the globe.

In 1993, two electronic engineers, one of them Luis Robbio (Belatrix's current CEO) set out to start Belatrix. Its core competency at that time was in industrial process automation for automotive companies in Argentina. One of the products designed and manufactured by them was the wire harness analyzer, a product that was widely distributed across Argentina and exported to Brazil as well. The product required software programming in order to reach a fully automated process, a match that was later to prove magical.

With the passage of time, more and more of the earlier Belatrix's activities were focused on software development. Finally in 2002, the company shifted its focus to devote itself only to programming processes and adopted an extended name, as Belatrix Software (BSF S.A.). Leveraging excellent Argentinean programmers and natural timezone benefits, the company started providing outsourcing and nearshoring software development services for a number of companies in the US. That proved to be what propelled the company into the dynamic world of globalized software services, and the then growing interest in something called “Nearshore” services, in particular.

Since 2002, Belatrix Software's growth has been remarkable. The firm has enjoyed high double digit, year by year growth, not only increasing its revenues but also its number of employees. The company sweet spot has been developing innovative and high quality software development and quality assurance outsourced services. Belatrix's leadership has always strived to achieve high quality standards (ISO, CMMi-3, Certified Gold Partnership with Microsoft and Oracle) and to focus on human capital through empowerment and training, providing almost two thousand hours of on-site training to its staff per year. Belatrix was a pioneer in Latin America in adopting agile methodology (Scrum) into development as well as testing processes. Actually 20% of employees are Certified Scrum Master.

This visionary strategy paid off and resulted in a wide number of client-partners from the US, Canada and Europe, ranging from exciting startups to Fortune 500 corporations and across different industries, such as Financial Services, Entertainment, Healthcare, Retail, and many others. In 2011, in addition to its two development centers in Mendoza, Argentina, Belatrix extended its operations to another center in Lima, Peru. This has continuing the firm's expansion and growth as a global nearshore software product developer in Latin America. We now work with not only midsized innovative firms but also with larger Fortune level companies.

And the story continues...

What makes Belatrix Software exceptional?

Featured clients

We respect our clients' confidentiality, so are not able to provide full details on all projects we work on. However, here is a sampling of some of the clients we are pleased to work with:

  • Fortune 500 Entertainment Company: We provide software quality assurance services to a Fortune 500 entertainment and multi-media company. During year 2009 this company chose Belatrix after reviewing dozens of vendors globally and the relationship is still going strong.
  • Top Insurance Software Vendor: When this leading insurance software vendor, which is a spin-off from the largest global provider of information management and electronic commerce systems for the financial services industry, needed to leverage nearshore outsourcing services from South America, it chose Belatrix for its experience in agile software development as well as its java and testing capabilities.
  • Verecloud: cutting edge cloud-based start-up. Verecloud leverages Belatrix’s Argentina outsourcing, software development and quality assurance services to further advance its innovative cloud brokering platform.

Learn more about our services:

.NET Development We are Microsoft Certified Partners and have been working with the .NET platform since before it was publicly released.

Java Development We have implemented cutting edge solutions in Java for startups, as well as completed large enterprise projects for established companies.

Mobile Applications We provide development services for iPhone/iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry.

Software Quality Assurance We provide cutting edge software testing services, including manual and automated testing.

Belatrix Software is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Click below to contact us for more details or a preliminary proposal.