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Awards and Partnerships - Belatrix Software

Belatrix is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Belatrix is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with the following competencies:

  • Small Business Community,
  • Data Management Solutions,
  • Custom Software Development Solution - Web Development and
  • Custom Software Development Solution - Smart Client Development.

Belatrix is assessed at CMMi Level 3 Maturity - Apr. 2013

Belatrix CMMi Level 2

Belatrix is the first company in Argentina that has been successfully appraised at Level 3 Maturity of CMMI model for Services, with the additional SSD (service system development) process area.

Including and assessing the SSD process area clearly shows Belatrix´s passion and effort to provide an advantage to the customer, because it allows understanding the customer´s needs and provide fast and efficient tailoring to the solution. The SSD purpose is to analyze, design, develop, integrate, verify and validate the service system, including the components of the service system, to satisfy existing and potential agreements. This means that the organization can and knows how to design, develop and implement the components of the service system (people, tools & processes) for each new service agreement that is added.

Global Services - Belatrix named one of the Leading Latin American vendors in the Global 100 for 2008.

Global 100 Logo

Belatrix was named one of the 10 leading ITO companies from Latin America on the Global 100 for 2008 by Global Services Magazine and neoIT.

ProMendoza - First Prize Winner for Non Traditional Product Exporter in 2005.

Belatrix was awarded first prize as "Non Traditional Product Exporter" by ProMendoza in 2005 due to the constant growth in exportation as well as the human resource management plan and full commitment to quality.

ProMendoza is a government office concerned with promoting exports from Mendoza.

Mass Tech Leadership Council - Belatrix joins the Massachussets Technology Leadership Councel in 2008

Logo Mass Tech

The MassTech is the most prestigious IT association in Massachussets, Belatrix is honored to be a member of the MassTech since the beginning of 2008.

Formed by the powerful combination of Mass Software Council and New England Business and Technology Association, Inc., the organization is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and promoting the success of companies that develop and deploy technology across industry sectors. The Mass Technology Leadership Council accomplishes its mission by conducting educational programs and hosting signature events, facilitating networking between industry executives and potential partners, investors, and c ustomers, sponsoring research on the industry, engaging in activities to enhance the quality and quantity of the next generation of technology professionals, advocating in favor of technology policies that promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and recognizing industry-leading companies and people.

Uita - Belatrix joins the Utah Information Technology Association in 2003

Utah Information Technology Association invited Belatrix Software Factory to become a technology member of the association since Belatrix has been closely collaborating with companies in Utah.