Executive Team - Belatrix Software


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Executive Team - Belatrix Software

Luis Robbio
Luis Héctor Robbio - Founder & CEO

Luis Robbio established Belatrix in 2003 with the vision of creating a business that would be about creating new things and do that on a global scale. Today, as CEO of Belatrix Software, Luis and the firm have accomplished that vision. Luis, and Belatrix’s other two Founding Partners are setting a course for the next horizon. When Luis launched Belatrix Software, it was then one of the first Latin American firms to offer IT Services to companies outside South America. Under Luis’s leadership, the firm now focuses on providing innovation services and agile based software product development to global clients throughout North America, UK, Europe, and Latin America.

As CEO, Luis has been pivotal in shaping the innovation focused, collaborative culture of the firm, defining its strategic course, and empowering the leadership team to achieve the vision. He’s dedicated to deepen Belatrix’s “innovation” value proposition to the market though initiatives designed to empower Belatrix’s developers to be proactive in sharing ideas and best practices for product innovation. By building on Belatrix’s flat and open, highly collaborative organizational culture, the firm strives to become an essential partner to its clients. Luis also leads Belatrix Governance Committee which exists to monitor progress of customer projects to ensure that they meet specific KPIs. This allows him to stay close to clients. He’s also highly active in the community where he participates in the region’s economic development initiatives. This has earned him numerous awards for his contributions to those efforts.

Celebrating almost 40 years of professional experience, prior to founding Belatrix, Luis held executive positions in several large multinational firms, such as IMPSA Group, Macri Group, TCA Brazil, among others. He has worked with Kvaerner Brug Norway, Sylea Group France, Cableauto Italy, and lived in several other countries outside of South America, including the US, China, Norway, Switzerland, France, Italy, and others.

Luis has a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering from the National Technological University (UTN), in Mendoza, Argentina and obtained his PDA in Management from the IAE, Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the top Management Schools. He resides in Mendoza, but travels extensively, meeting regularly with Belatrix's clients throughout the world and speaking at global conferences.

Ariel Seoane
Ariel Seoane - VP of Professional Services

Ariel Seoane is Vice President of Belatrix Professional Services Group.  He’s been a part of the Belatrix team since 2006, joining the firm originally as a developer and rising to Director of Software Development role prior to taking on his current role. As head of the Professional Services Group, Ariel has overall strategic and operational responsibility for Belatrix Software’s Services portfolio, including software development and QA & Testing. Ariel’s primary focus is on ensuring that Belatrix delivers its custom software engineering services to an impeccably high quality standard.  An equally important focus is on making certain that Belatrix attracts, leverages, and grows the highest caliber software engineers possible to meet clients’ innovation objectives. As a Member of Belatrix Governance Committee, Ariel works with client stakeholders and project teams to help them achieve all of the goals defined for a given engagement, including functionality, quality, and timeline goals. Ariel’s mandate also includes determining in which solution, technology and competency areas to invest so that Belatrix anticipates and keeps pace with the rapid change of technological advances.

A recognized industry expert on software innovation, Ariel has a passion for helping clients achieve their innovation goals. He is also a master of motivating his people and helping them thrive professionally and technically via training and mentorship.

Ariel’s professional background includes working with world-class companies, international consultancies, and even founding a company of his own. This experience gives Ariel a unique vision of the services business. He has worked with companies such as Intersoft, New Technologies, Foundation Systems, and Everis (ex DMR). He has also consulted to leading companies such as CambridgeSoft, Telefónica de Argentina, COMSAT, Repsol-YPF, Bayer, Southern Winds, Roche,  MayoristaNet, Pago Directo, Banco Bisel, COELSA y ACH, Hewlett Packard, Johnson & Son, Trane, Omega Seguros, Vintage Oil.  His expertise spans multiple verticals -- telecommunications, finance, airlines, oil and energy, retail as well as other sectors.

Ariel holds a B.S. degree in Computer Software Engineering from the Buenos Aires Technological Institute. Originally from Buenos Aires, Ariel now lives in Mendoza with his wife and daughter.

Monica Colombo
Mónica Colombo - Director of Quality Assurance

As Director of Quality Assurance, Monica Colombo leads Belatrix’s QA and Testing practice. In that role, Monica has overall responsibility for the design, development and delivery of Belatrix’s global QA & Testing solutions, orchestration and growth of Belatrix’s QA Engineers, and attraction of new QA engineers to complement the firm’s custom, product-centric software development services for innovation-focused companies. Monica has worked in Belatrix Software since 2003 when she launched Belatrix’s formal QA & Testing area, creating now what is a premier quality engineering group focused on producing top quality software products and de-risking the product release process through use of Agile methodologies. Well recognized as a leading software expert in Argentina, Monica’s group has implemented highly demanding and mission critical QA projects that range from banking and financial sectors to large e-Commerce solutions.

Also known as an inspiring leader and mentor, Monica’s team continuously works to use creative solutioning and testing strategies approaches to produce better product outcomes. As a Certified Scrum Master, she integrates Agile methodology into QA processes, supporting Belatrix´s Scrum software development background. Monica is responsible for recruiting and professional growth of the company’s global team of Testing engineers. In addition, she also manages some of the Belatrix´s software development projects.

Monica began her professional career in 1993 and, before joining Belatrix, held multiple positions at different companies and areas such as banking (Banco Mendoza and Banco de Previsión Social), financial (Cambio Santiago and Tarjeta Nevada), government (DGR, Municipalidad de Guaymallén, EPRE and DPV), private companies (CuyoPlacas SA, Mega SA, Item SA) and IT companies (Oracle Argentina, Sein S.A.).

Monica has been a university professor for over 20 years in the National Technological University (UTN), in Mendoza. As a tenured professor, Monica teaches several engineering courses on topics relating to QA & Testing, Project Management and Systems Audit. She also contributes to and advises the design of the university’s overall technical curriculum. In addition, she is currently the coordinator of Software Engineering and Project Management.

Monica received a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering in 1993 from the National Technological University (UTN), in Mendoza, Argentina. She holds three Master's Degrees from the same institution. Monica lives in Mendoza with her husband and teenage daughter.

Federico Robbio
Federico Robbio - Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Federico Robbio is Chief Financial Officer (CFO), a Founding Partner of Belatrix as well as a Board Member. As CFO, Federico has overall operational responsibility for Belatrix’s Finance & Accounting and Human Resources. In addition to day-to-day oversight of Belatrix’s Financial Management, Federico is responsible for leading the firm’s financial planning and forecasting initiatives and ensuring strong profitability and overall corporate performance. This includes conducting feasibility assessments on the firm’s potential growth and expansion plans and maintaining full compliance with all state, local, and international regulatory policies. Additionally, Federico’s team works to capitalize on all private and institutional financing programs from economic stimulation programs in the markets in which Belatrix operates. These include relationships with various software industry bodies such as Cessi, in Argentina, and governmental funding agencies.

As head of Human Resources, Federico’s portfolio includes activities related to recruiting, employee performance and retention, compensation and training, as well as Belatrix’s global offices and innovation spaces.

Entrepreneurial even as a teenager, Federico launched his professional career as an Industrial Engineer. He gained broad exposure in financial management working with one of the Argentina’s largest and most prestigious companies, Techint and its subsidiaries (Tecpetrol and SYUSA). His personal experience includes living and studying in the three continents: North America (Chicago), Europe (Spain) and South America (Mendoza).

Federico has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the National University of Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina) and holds an MBA from the Francisco de Vitoria University in Spain as well as an MBA from the ADEN Business School, Mendoza, Argentina.

He currently lives in Mendoza, Argentina, with his wife and two children. He loves both road and mountain biking, paddle and airplane modeling when he’s able to find the time.

Alex Robbio
Alex Robbio - Co-Founder & President

One of Belatrix’s three Founders and a Member of its Board of Directors, Alex Robbio currently serves as the firm’s President. Alex has played a pivotal role in transforming Belatrix from a small Argentina IT Services firm to a specialist global innovation firm enjoying year over year, double digit growth. In his capacity as President, Alex drives the firm’s strategic planning efforts, ensuring that those plans are not only well conceived but artfully executed. Belatrix’s New Business, Client Engagement, and Marketing groups all fall within Alex’s leadership portfolio.

Prior to Belatrix, Alex held several high-ranking positions at important software companies both in Argentina and the US. He also worked as a Business Development Manager at SEIN Argentina before moving to the US.  In the US, Alex worked with Brookline Technologies where he moved up the ranks from Senior Software Architect to COO. This was an especially unique and valuable perspective, as both a software services practitioner and client.

Traveling frequently, Alex meets regularly with Belatrix’s clients which include not only Fortune level established firms, but also mid-stage fast forward firms. Alex also represents Belatrix at international industry events and other key industry organizations, lecturing and promoting the company’s services proposition and generally telling the story of how Belatrix partners with its clients to drive higher levels of product development and overall market success.

Alex earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with honors from National University of San Luis, San Luis, Argentina. His focus was on Industrial Psychology and Human Resources. He later obtained a Graduate Certificate in Business Management from the National Technological University (UTN), in Mendoza, Argentina. He then completed the Kellogg Management Program, at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, in Chicago.

Alex lives with his wife and two children in Naples, FL.

Cecilia Ciancio
Cecilia Ciancio Paratore - Talent Acquisition Manager

As head of Talent Acquisition, Cecilia Ciancio Paratore is responsible for ensuring that Belatrix Software’s global recruitment and employee engagement plans are well aligned with the firm’s overall services and people strategy. One of Cecilia’s main areas of focus is on enabling Belatrix to operationalize its recruiting process. Given Belatrix’s people-centric business model, this allows the firm to be highly effective in attracting, hiring, and retaining candidates with the best combination of technical talent, career potential, communication skills, and organizational fit and values. Given Agile development’s emphasis on strong teamwork, Cecilia and her team invest in ensuring that the firm attracts the right new engineering talent and expertise to meet the needs of new client engagements. To support this, she and her team use different strategies, including promoting Belatrix widely with regional academic institutions as well as the community at large.

Cecilia also focuses on the firm’s people engagement and retention strategy. This includes ensuring that all new hires are successfully integrated into the firm, and that each employee has what he/she needs to be successful in his/her role. This aspect of her role also includes cultivating Belatrix as a great culture in which to thrive. Cecilia’s team creates company events and outings to motivate the organization and foster a positive and fun work environment. Cecilia’s role spans all of the markets in which Belatrix has innovation centers, including Mendoza, Argentina and Lima, Peru. Cecilia has been at Belatrix since 2007.

Prior to Belatrix, Cecilia worked as an HR Analyst working for Patagonia Drill Mining Services, S.A. She has also held Staff Development Program and Accident Prevention roles at Minetti Cement Factory in Mendoza.

Cecilia received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in 2001 from the University of Aconcagua, Mendoza, Argentina. She also completed postgraduate training in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior from the National University of Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina. She lives in Mendoza with her husband, son, and new baby girl.

Horacio  Cappa
Horacio Cappa - People Care & Career Development Manager

In his capacity as People Care and Career Development Manager, Horacio holds overall organizational responsibility for talent management, development and training, benefits and compensation, performance appraisal, as well as personnel administration, employee relations and legal compliance.

Horacio’s role is to design, manage, and refine the company’s annual internal training program to ensure that all Belatrix’s engineers meet the firm’s rigorous technical standards as well as to deepen their areas of professional expertise and encourages them to think creatively. Belatrix’s investment in training is not only an enabler for all of firm’s employees but serves as a competitive differentiator from other Latin American firms. The program consists of more than 20.000 hours per year, accessible to each employee at no cost. Periodically, the firm also offers training to the community’s engineering population, to stimulate interest in technology innovation, and attract high potential candidates for the firm.

Horacio also has responsibility for programs designed to support employee loyalty and stability. These include regular performance measurement and employee survey activities, as well as conducting research on industry and regional benchmarks. The ultimate goal is to ensure that Belatrix actively invests in ways to maintain the highest level of retention possible.

Before joining Belatrix in 2011, Horacio’s professional experience included work as a Global Recruitment & Training Programs Coordinator at the multinational company, IMPSA, Mendoza, Argentina. Additionally, Horacio’s background includes experience as a tenured professor of Organizational Psychology at the Fundación Universitas, Final Thesis and Statistics for Psychology at the Catholic University, Mendoza, Argentina, and Assistant Professor of Addictive Behavior at the Aconcagua University.

Horacio holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the Aconcagua University, Mendoza, Argentina, as well as two postgraduate degrees in HR Administration; one from the National University of Cuyo and the other from ADEN Business School, both located in Mendoza, Argentina. He likes playing soccer, paddle, tennis and squash, but most of all he enjoys sharing time with his wife and his new baby.