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Featured Clients

We respect our clients' confidentiality, so are not able to provide full details on all projects we work on. However, here is a sampling of some of the clients we are pleased to work with.

Fortune 500 Entertainment Company

We provide software quality assurance services to a Fortune 500 entertainment and multi-media company. During year 2009 this company chose Belatrix after reviewing dozens of vendors globally and the relationship is still going strong.

Top Insurance Software Vendor

When this leading insurance software vendor, which is a spin-off from the largest global provider of information management and electronic commerce systems for the financial services industry, needed to leverage nearshore outsourcing services from South America, it chose Belatrix for its experience in agile software development as well as its java and testing capabilities.

Verecloud - cutting edge cloud-based start-up.

Verecloud leverages Belatrix’s Argentina outsourcing, software development and quality assurance services to further advance its innovative cloud brokering platform.

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