Belatrix’s Java Software Development Services

Belatrix Software is an Oracle Gold Partner with experience ranging from cutting-edge solutions for startups to large enterprise projects for Fortune 500 corporations. We specialize in Java software development services and have extensive experience developing Enterprise-class solutions for the Java platform.

Our Development Services & Tools

Enterprise Java Development Outsourcing

Enterprise Java Development Outsourcing

  • J2EE (Servlets, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, Web Services)
  • Spring Framework
  • Other Frameworks: Groovy, VAADIN, Wicket, Liferay
Enterprise Web Development Solutions

Enterprise Web Development Solutions

  • Spring MVC and Struts
  • JSF (JavaServer Faces, Primefaces, ICEfaces, Richfaces)
  • Javascript
  • jQuery and Prototype
  • Facelets
.NET Desktop Applications Development

Java Desktop Applications Development

  • Java 5, 6 & 7
  • Swing
  • Several UI swing libraries : JGoodies, SwingX, etc.
  • Reporting : iReport + jasperreports, BIRT
Databases and Data Access

Databases and Data Access

  • Hibernate
  • JDBC
  • MySQL
  • JPA (Java Persistence API) / Web & Desktop
  • PostgreSQL
  • No SQL Databases: MongoDB, BigData, GigaSpaces
IDEs and Tools

IDEs and Tools

  • Maven, Ant, NUnit , Mock, Hudson, Jenkins
  • Netbeans
  • Eclipse
  • intelliJ IDEA
Application Servers

Application Servers

  • IIS
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Jetty
  • Glassfish
  • WebSphere
  • GigaSpaces

Legal notice: "J2EE, MySQL, NetBeans are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. and/or Oracle in the United States and other countries."

Recent Software Projects

Healthcare & Biotech

Healthcare  & Biotech
  • Mobile medical care management system to support field healthcare workers in delivering services to patients.
  • Advanced discovery, collaboration, and knowledge enterprise solution for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries.

Retail and Direct Sales

Retail and Direct Sales
  • Direct sales mobile order management system for iPhone and Android.
  • iPhone, iPad and Android apps to provide customer management, order entry and catalog browsing capabilities to a global sales force of over 50,000 individuals in 50+ countries.


  • Field management and maintenance solution including a custom Web back-end system and mobile app for Windows Mobile-based device for a large oil exploration company.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
  • Enterprise-class financial hedge management system for leading hedge advisory firm managing over $350 US billion annually.
  • Mobile payments solution for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7.
  • Foreign Exchange (FX) Windows Phone 7 app for one of world’s largest FX companies.
  • Cloud-based claims management and insurance underwriting platform leveraging Microsoft Windows Azure.
  • Mobile banking solution for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7.

Other Sectors

Other Sectors
  • iPhone and Android CRM system for an MLM company.
  • Hunting range management system, including a Web based back-end as well as an iPhone front-end.
  • Gym routine and personal wellness management mobile app supporting iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Adult entertainment platform testing of video on demand services.

Our Software Expertise

Why Partner With Belatrix

Why Partner With Belatrix
  • Expertise in leading technology platforms
  • Advanced Quality Assurance skills
  • Top-caliber, quality-focused software engineers certified in Scrum
  • A company and regional culture that inspire smart questions and out-of-the box thinking to get you a better outcome
  • Just the right amount of process to get the job done without stifling innovation
  • Dedicated mobile development software engineers
  • Program governance model that ensures product goals and quality

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