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Belatrix Software's Extends PeopleSoft Skills with Seasoft IT Solutions

Belatrix taps into specialist training to arm engineers with best-in-class PeopleSoft training.

Belatrix Software Factory, a global Nearshore software product development firm, announced today that it has engaged Seasoft Online IT Training to roll out advanced training in PeopleSoft HRMS to support its Testing line of services for the Oracle-PeopleSoft suite of applications.

Belatrix invests each year in providing its engineers with more that 120 hours of technical and business training. Leveraging training experts, including Seasoft, allows Belatrix to remain cutting edge on new tools including those used in Agile software development and testing.

"Our Agile aligned QA & Testing services help clients reduce product quality risks," said Monica Colombo, Director of QA & Testing. "Eliminating errors, and increasing overall product quality drives higher end user satisfaction and protects our clients brand value. Ensuring our engineers are trained well is crucial to delivering on that promise to our clients."

For the past few years Belatrix has significantly increased its expertise in the HR and Benefits management sector, with active engagements with some of the leading US firms in this industry.

Seasoft Training Solutions supports companies with advance tools and training to ensure engineering teams gain and utilize the latest product knowledge. Seasoft Online IT Training specializes in supporting clients in the Software Product Development, Quality Consulting, and Product & Application Testing areas.

About Belatrix Software Factory

Belatrix Software helps clients achieve the full impact of their R&D capabilities. Belatrix develops high quality, innovative software, QA and testing that enables clients to generate best-in-class, revenue producing software products, decrease time to market, and gain competitive edge. The company’s mission is to be a passionate global partner delivering software innovation to enhance our client’s aspirations. Belatrix's clients include both established Fortune level and emerging, venture backed firms. A rising brand in Nearshore Agile outsourced software development, Belatrix Software has relationships with Adobe, SirrusFM, mFoundary, and Chatham Financial. Belatrix is headquartered in Mendoza, Argentina with offices in Boston, Naples, Mendoza, and Lima. For more information, please call 617-608-1413 or visit

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