7 February, 2017

Belatrix Software Announces New Office Expansion

To keep up with rapid growth, Belatrix has opened new office space in Lima, Peru

Belatrix Software Announces New Office Expansion

Belatrix Software, a leading software development company, has announced that it has opened new office space in Lima, Perú. With this development, Belatrix will expand its office space by 25%.

The new offices of Belatrix have been especially designed to foster communication and collaboration between employees. They feature spaces where teams can easily work together, or hold daily stand-up meetings as part of Belatrix’s Agile way of working.

Perú is home to a rapidly emerging technology sector. With a large number of universities in Lima offering technical programs and training, Lima has been a fertile ground for recruiting top technical talent.

Belatrix grew at nearly 40% in 2016. This growth is coming from both new and existing clients. As a result further expansion, both in its existing locations and new geographies is planned for 2017. In the coming weeks, Belatrix will announce the opening of new offices in Bogotá, Colombia.

Luis Robbio, Belatrix’s CEO, commenting on the expansion said “It was just a few years ago that we opened our first office in Lima, Perú, and now we have 150 people here. It has been a wonderful success story”.

Belatrix Software

About Belatrix Software

Belatrix Software helps clients achieve the full impact of their R&D capabilities developing high quality, innovative software, QA, testing and mobile solutions that enables clients to generate best-in-class software products, decrease time to market, and gain competitive edge.

Belatrix's clients include both established Fortune level and emerging, venture backed firms. Some of the firm's clients are Disney, Adobe, SiriusXM, mFoundry, and Chatham Financial. Belatrix is a South American company with offices in Naples, New York, San Francisco, London, Mendoza, Buenos Aires and Lima. For more information, please call +1 (855) 521-4533 or visit http://www.belatrixsf.com.

Press contacts: Fernando Gonzalez Aguirre press@belatrixsf.com