People’s testimonials

We invite you to learn more about how it feels to work at Belatrix by reading what some of our current associates have to say about their personal experiences.  

Development Area


Fernando – Lead Developer

Fernando Lescano“Belatrix was one of the few software companies in the market where I could have the possibility of working on several .NET projects. Being involved in such projects gave me a golden opportunity since I was able to improve my technical skills and to work with different teammates. I’ve been working here for 3 years. I started as a developer and I was then promoted to lead developer after one year and a half. What I like most about Belatrix is that there is a collaborative atmosphere, a competent team and a constant support from Belatrix managers.”


Mauricio – Lead Developer

Mauricio Besse“Belatrix presented itself as a serious and interesting IT company. I felt encouraged to work here due to the good chance of working with different types of projects and state-of-the-art technologies. This was the perfect combination that would strongly contribute to my professional growth. I’ve been working for almost 2 years and I’ve already been involved in three different projects, each one requiring the use of particular tools. Belatrix highly values its human resources and thus provides them with a wide variety of training. Apart from fostering breadth of knowledge, Belatrix also possesses a good work environment. There is always a helping hand and a strong sense of solidarity when someone is in need, whether professionally or personally. I’ve had the chance to meet great people and make new friends with whom we get together to share some paddle matches.”


Leo – Leader Developer 

Leandro Olie“When considering several companies I could work for, I decided for Belatrix for two reasons. Belatrix is located in Mendoza, an Argentine province which offers a good life style. In addition to this, Belatrix proved to be the best option in terms of income and career opportunities. In 9 months, I was able to work with new technologies in order to create a multilingual e-learning portal that will give support to a large number of users. It is really a pleasure to work here due to the organizational culture and managers who strongly believe in training courses for the attainment of quality and excellence.”


Lucas – Junior Developer

Lucas Marzetti“I went for Belatrix since it is considered the best software factory in Mendoza and it is also well known for its amazing work environment . I’ve been working here for only 9 months and I’ve already experienced the most exciting achievement which has been working on major software projects applying top-notch technologies. At Belatrix, I not only improve on the IT field but also on the English language. There are English in-company courses so that the staff brush up on the knowledge of this language and therefore the communication with clients becomes more agile and fluent. Relationship among co-workers is daily cultivated and outdoor activities like football and paddle are coordinated so that we can spend some good time after work.”




Sebastián – QA Project Leader

Sebastian Tello“Among the IT companies in Mendoza, I picked out Belatrix, the biggest software company in my town. The different kind of projects and the fact that you are required to be always up- to- date makes working here an exciting experience. With only three years at Belatrix, I was able to reach one my goals. I had the opportunity to travel to the States twice with my team to improve the relationship with our clients and to prepare the kick off for new projects. What also appeals to me is the atmosphere. The work environment is awesome. People are really kind and always ready to contribute with ideas and solutions. Apart from my job responsibilities, I have been able to attend some training courses on programming languages and several useful tools for testing. Such training has certainly enhanced my skills.”


Antonella – QA Engineer

Antonella Manna“I only devoted my time to the studies and I really wanted to start working on the IT field. I’ve heard about Belatrix by word of mouth and I became very enthusiastic with the idea of working there. So, I decided to send my cv. Fortunately, I was then called for a job interview and now, here I am! I’ve been working at Belatrix for almost a year and it’s really amazing what I have gained. Before I started here, I was just a simple student. I now feel I have more important things to add to my studies and my life since I’ve been able to grow up as a professional. I’ve also discovered a group of wonderful people who make every working day enjoyable and fruitful. Sharing day by day work-related issues, listening to my partners and learning from people who have a lot of experience are just some of the traits that I’ve found here.”


Mariano – QA Engineer

Mariano Jover“I’m from the South of Mendoza province and the decision of leaving my hometown came at stake when I was offered to work at Belatrix. I made the decision to come to live to Mendoza city to start working. I soon realized that my choice was the correct one. I’ve always wanted to work for an enterprise where I could apply my knowledge and keep learning. I’ve been working for a year in a multilevel marketing project for a US client and it has helped me improve my English. Belatrix not only provides the scenario to make this happen but also a good atmosphere. This is of great significance since we spend together most of the time in the company.”


Ricardo – QA Chemical Engineer

Ricardo Mattolini“I’m a chemist and I selected Belatrix because it is the only company offering a new, different and exciting option in the chemical industry. I was really motivated and I even became more excited when I contributed to the enhancement of Discovery Management Application, a qualified software for chemists . Such software is developed by the leading software vendor in the chemical industry, and is used by the most important laboratories in the world. The other important arefa at Belatrix is human resources. People are really great and you can work in a very nice environment since you can feel that team work spirit in the air.”


Julieta – QA Project Leader

Julieta Barrionuevo“I came to know Belatrix through a friend of mine that worked there. At that time, QA area needed more people for their staff and I was offered to work . I immediately liked the proposal because it represented a great challenge for me. It meant starting to work on completely new things. I’ve been here for two years and since then I’ve lived a lot of marvellous moments. However, I happened to have the most exciting experience when I was told that I would start working as team leader. The organizational environment and the possibility to grow professionally are some of the things that I like best about Belatrix. Apart from broadening my technical skills, I’ve learnt some interesting things like dealing with people, applying different negotiation methods, managing time and tasks and working in groups.”


Esteban – QA Engineer

Esteban Mendoza“I decided on Belatrix because one of my friends worked there and he described the work environment as good and fun and I was tempted to be part of the company. And, it turned out to be a great place to work and learn a lot of new things. I’ve been working here for a year and a half and I’m really impressed at what I have achieved. I barely knew a couple of things about testing processes for software when I first started and I now have a full understanding. My co-workers play a very important role in my growth. They selflessly help me and teach me programming and testing tips and techniques.”