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Software defines the interactions you have with your customers. The value of almost every product today comes from software. But building these software-enabled products presents new challenges. It requires cutting-edge technology capabilities, close collaboration, rapid turnaround, and a true understanding of market and customer requirements. Belatrix’s product development services can help you overcome these challenges.

Using a mixture of mature Agile development capabilities, design thinking, and nearly 20 years of product development services, Belatrix offers a potent combination of services to enhance your product development activities.

Our development capabilities include:

  • Agile development to stay on top of fast moving markets, and reduce time to market. Belatrix´s mature Agile development capabilities (every individual in the company is trained in Agile and more than 20% are certified Scrum Masters) represent critical resources at a time when you need to get your product to market faster than ever before. Find out more about our Agile development capabilities.
  • Product development based on design thinking and rapid prototyping. We understand that developing products requires a discipline and rigor beyond traditional IT engagements. It requires a focus on upfront design, constant iterations, and milestones defined as viable products.

Our Product Development Approach

End To End Product Development Services To Meet Your Needs

End To End Product Development Services To Meet Your Needs

Conceptualization and rapid prototyping

Product development starts with creating new ideas and then rapidly testing and prototyping them to see what works. Belatrix has extensive experience helping customers at these early stages of the product development lifecycle. We regularly run Hackathons where we hone our skills in developing new, innovative, working products in 8 hours or less.


Product development and quality assurance

Product development and quality assurance is the heart of what Belatrix does. With more than 20 years of product development expertise we are a strong partner to help in your product development efforts.

  • Product Development
  • Product Enhacenment/ Customization
  • Product/platform migration

Maintenance and end-of-life support

To help free up your internal teams, Belatrix provides ongoing maintenance services for your existing products.

  • End-of-life product support
  • “Saas-ification”

Why Partner With Belatrix

We understand that software now represents the critical interaction point between your company and your customers. The reasons clients say they partner with us are:

  • Mature Agile processes. Belatrix was the first South American firm to invest in Agile software development and Scrum. Every employee in the company is trained in Agile and +25% of engineers are Certified Scrum Masters. Find out more about Belatrix´s Agile expertise.

  • Ease of doing business. Shared timezones and a variety of other benefits make it easy for you to collaborate with your extended team. We also enjoy a company and regional culture that inspires smart questions and out-of-the box thinking to get you a better outcome. Review our nearshore advantages.

  • Some of the best talent you’ll find in Latin America. Belatrix has links to some of the best universities in the region. We also provide more than 120 hours of training each year to employees to ensure we stay at the forefront of technology developments. Meanwhile our attrition rate is well below industry norms, providing you with the continuity necessary to develop best-in-class software. Read more about our talent management.

  • Governance processes that provide transparency and rigor. Our experience has taught us that even the best performing Scrum teams still need proper project governance. To meet this need, Belatrix has established a committee that uses a set of proven processes to ensure projects stay on track with no surprises. Review in more detail our governance processes.

  • Access to, and expertise in, a wide array of software development technologies. From open source technologies to .NET, Java, Oracle, and mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile). We also have expertise in PERL, PHP, C#, Ruby on Rails, and many more. Review our technical document for more details.

For more information on why you should choose Belatrix, check out Why Belatrix?

Recent Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it. The following case studies highlight some of the work we are doing for our customers using Java.

Creating a software tool for an innovative pharma company

Creating a software tool for an innovative pharma company

For a Silicon-Valley based start-up in the pharma industry, Belatrix developed a user-friendly, intuitive software tool. Find out more.

Driving innovation in a large traditional bank

Driving innovation in a large traditional bank

One of the largest banks in Latin America looked to Belatrix to help create new products and services to keep up with FinTech competition. The technologies involved Java and other Javascript frameworks. Find out more.

Creating compelling experiences for a global entertainment company

Creating compelling experiences for a global entertainment company

One of the largest multimedia companies in the world looked to Belatrix’s quality assurance services to ensure a powerful UX across their different brands. The project relied on Belatrix’s deep expertise of Java. Find out more.

Review our whitepapers to find out more about our expertise

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