Product Development Services

Software defines the interactions you have with your customers. The value of almost every product today comes from software. But building these software-enabled products presents new challenges. It requires cutting-edge technology capabilities, close collaboration, rapid turnaround, and a true understanding of market and customer requirements. Belatrix’s product development services can help you overcome these challenges.

Using a mixture of mature Agile development capabilities, design thinking, and nearly 20 years of product development services, Belatrix offers a potent combination of services to enhance your product development activities.

Our development capabilities include:

  • Agile development to stay on top of fast moving markets, and reduce time to market.Belatrix´s mature Agile development capabilities (every individual in the company is trained in Agile and more than 20% are certified Scrum Masters) represent critical resources at a time when you need to get your product to market faster than ever before.
  • Product development based on design thinking and rapid prototyping.We understand that developing products requires a discipline and rigor beyond traditional IT engagements. It requires a focus on upfront design, constant iterations, and milestones defined as viable products.