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Case Study: Can the Site Handle the Load?

The Company: RDVO

The company provides web sites services to important clients like Red Sox, MBTA, etc.


MBTA. (Massachusets Bay Transportation Authority)

This particular product consisted on a website which is accessed by lots of users looking for information regarding transportation, automatic intelligent trip planning, trip schedules, etc. Due to the constant and massive access to this site, its performance was quite poor.

The Solution

Belatrix carried out a Load Testing procedure in order to identify the bottle necks in this product (considering network, hardware, software platform, the application itself, the database, etc).

After recreating an exact copy of the production environment, analyzing the requirement, and designing the whole testing procedure, Belatrix was able to obtain:

  • Determination of the approximate number of users the application can realistically support, both now and in the future.
  • Measured end user response time for key transactions and various user load levels.
  • Identification of performance bottlenecks.
  • Analyzed Infrastructure Components (CPU, bandwidth, memory, I/O etc).
  • Modeled scalability of applications.
  • Measured performance boundaries and failure behavior of each component.
  • Detailed statistical reports of their systems’ performance.
  • Performance-under-load observations to allow Subject Matter Experts to make recommendations on how to upscale and improve performance.

Tools and technologies used for this project were:

  • OpenSTA
  • NetEm
  • Dummynet
  • IP Spoofers
  • Database access counters

The Results

After analyzing the obtained results, Belatrix was able to determine the improvements that needed to be carried out, involving hardware, Database tuning, and network configuration. Achieving an outstanding increase in the site performance and the user experience.

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