Success Case: Stress Testing Web Application

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Case Study: Stress Testing an Online Web-based CRM Application

The Products

We tested an application called Phonesheet. It is a simple Web-based service that lets you take a call and record who called, when, and why. Then you, or anyone else in the office you give the access to, can see the board, and can mark the call as completed when it is handled. Very simple, and a good use of shared connectivity (the Web). It’s a nice app for an individuals and organizations trying to keep up with their phone log.

The Challenge

The client’s product was stress-tested in order to determine how many concurrent users could work with the application online and also to determine which was the hardware needed to host the application.

The Solution

Using the open source application OpenSta we recorded several test scripts to simulate the different workflows that a normal user would take while using the application. This tool allowed us to have full coverage of the client’s request.

The Results

We were able to determine exactly how many concurrent users could support the application using the existing hardware, by doing this we set the maximum capacity of the hardware and what could be the costs to expand the hardware in order to support more concurrent users.

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