Just a 1 second delay in page load time results in 7% fewer conversions, 11% fewer page views, and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, according to recent research. And this translates to real dollars – if your site earns $100,000 per day, you’re losing $2.5 million every year due to this 1 second. These figures demonstrate why organizations need to prioritize performance testing. In a world where our expectations of technology are greater than ever before, performance testing can make a real difference to your business success.

Therefore in this upcoming webinar we will explore:

  • Why your business needs performance testing
  • When is it advisable?
  • Different types of performance testing
  • Best practices for performance testing
  • Belatrix case studies

You can follow the build-up, as well as the live webinar, on Twitter with the hashtag #TestingBSF

Lee Miguel López

Lee Miguel López

Lee López is a senior quality assurance engineer at Belatrix Software. With experience leading projects for international organizations, he has been involved in performance testing for more than 5 years. During this time he has successfully managed more than 50 releases/projects to production environments. He also has extensive experience with Java and automation testing. Lee graduated as a systems engineer from the National University of San Marcos, in Lima, Peru.