Belatrix Software Factory has its main development center in Mendoza, Argentina. Argentina is a growing destination for offshore and near-shore outsourcing as it has many advantages over other traditional destinations, such as:

  • Closer time-zone: we are only 2 hours ahead of US’ East Coast and only 5 hours from Central European Time Zone. This allows you to work with our people in real time, improving communications, shortening development-testing cycles. All of this results in noticeable increased productivity when compared to working “offline” with a team separated by 12 or more hours.
  • Regional political stability: no major wars or terrorist attacks in decades.
  • Cultural similarities: western culture with European and US affinity.
  • Enjoyable environment: nice to travel to.
  • Low employee turn-over: our turn-over rate is less than 4% annually.
  • Less competitive job market: we can pick the best of the best.
  • Educational excellence: Argentina invests more per capita than almost any other third-world country.
  • Accessibility: it only takes a few hours to get to our offices.

Do what Google, Yahoo, EDS, Motorola and other leading IT companies have done, tap into the great talent pool offered by Argentina by working with Belatrix Software Factory!

If you would like to learn more about these advantages, we invite you to download a presentation in PDF format by clicking here.