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3. Belatrix’s spirit

Passion. Innovation. Excellence. Team work. Empowerment. Commitment. These are the words that define the Belatrix spirit

We’re not your usual software development company. We differentiate by our spirit, our culture, and our constant drive for excellence.

Our culture and our spirit is what defines us. Our culture and our spirit is what defines us. But creating a high-performance culture doesn’t just happen by accident. We’ve worked hard to create a highly attractive work environment which fosters collaboration and innovation.

It’s within this culture, that our spirit can thrive. And it’s a spirit defined by teamwork, openness, having a passion for what we do, working hard, and having fun.

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Our mission:

Our mission is to be a passionate global partner delivering software innovation.

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Our vision:

Our vision is to be recognized as the best Latin American software product development & innovation firm.

Our Values in Belatrix Software

What makes Belatrix the company it is? It’s our people and our values. They aren’t just some list created by the management team. Belatrix’s employees selected these as most important to who we are as a team:

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It may be idealistic but we strive for excellence in all we do. We never stop trying to do a better job. By doing so, we improve ourselves, take real pride in our work, and deliver higher quality work for our clients.

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Passion is what keeps us going! It’s our fuel. It’s what pushes us to make a difference. We don’t want to be just any other company. We want to be a company where our passion is reflected in everything we do. You see it and experience it!

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Commitment is never outdated. We embrace our work and commit to delivering on our commitments to our clients, partners, employees and the communities where we operate.

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Teamwork takes the best of each of us and boosts our individual capabilities. It means everyone puts in his/her best efforts to support a shared goal. We accomplish much more together, especially in innovating with Agile and Scrum.

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People who are empowered in their roles and valued for their expertise and contribution thrive. Belatrix fosters its team member’s confidence, providing access to great mentors, resources and training, while instilling high standards.

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Innovation requires imagination, and an ability to see a path most wouldn’t see. But it requires initiative and drive. With passion and commitment to move from an idea to reality, the possibilities are limitless. We thrive on helping our clients make their innovation a reality!

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