Complaint Management

We take security and transparency very seriously at every level, both internally and externally. Following strict processes backed by our ISO 27.001 certification, Belatrix provides a safe and fast way for employees, clients and providers to raise concerns and report any type of fraud, legal, ethical or moral violations to which they may have been either a victim or a witness of. All the information provided here will be treated anonymously (not even IP addresses are collected within this form), and the complainant can decide to share or not contact information for follow-up, or any other related purposes.

We will review and investigate every report fully.

Who receives these reports?

The reported information is automatically and only initially available to the board of the company and its legal counsel for review, investigation and consideration. To prevent conflicts of interest, no other managers or executives get these reports, until and unless deemed necessary and non-conflicting by the board and its legal team.

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You can also download our Global Compliance Program at the following links

Global Compliance Program (English)
Global Compliance Program (Spanish)

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