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Why Argentina?

Argentine developers mix technical expertise with creativity.

Argentinian technical experts have a worldwide reputation for combining programming and technical expertise with design and creative skills. The University of Buenos Aires for example has beaten leading international names such as Harvard in the annual International ACM Programming Contest, the oldest and most prestigious programming competition. Meanwhile, the latest Argentine government has put technology at the front and center of its agenda.

The organization, Great Place to Work recognized Belatrix as the 4th best place to work in Argentina, just behind Google. This reputation helps us hire the best talent.

Buenos Aires

The beautiful and bustling city of Buenos Aires is on most people’s list of must-see destinations. Known as the “Paris of the South” due to its rich European heritage, it is a cosmopolitan, modern city. Its excellent universities are widely recognized for developing highly able graduates. Belatrix’s offices are located in the “Microcenter” part of the city, which is in the heart of the financial and commercial district.


Mendoza has a spectacular setting, located at the foothills of the Andes, and was featured in the Financial Times as a place with an unparalleled potential for doing business. Mendoza is at the heart of the Argentine wine region, with Malbec wines forging an international reputation.

In addition to wine however, it also has excellent technical universities, producing a steady stream of highly qualified graduates. These universities have been at the forefront of the city becoming a hub for innovation and high-value services, as the city seeks to become the “Silicon Valley of Argentina”.

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Our locations in Argentina offer the following advantages:

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Close time-zone

Argentina is only 1 hour ahead of the US East Coast and only 5 hours behind Central Europe. This makes real- time communication easy, essential when using Agile development methodologies.

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Cultural similarities

The Western culture has an affinity with the cultures of Europe and the US.

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Enjoyable environment

Argentina is a beautiful place to travel to.

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Low employee turn-over

Belatrix has one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry.

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Abundant talent and educational excellence

Belatrix has links with the best universities in the country. Argentina invests more in education per capita than almost any other developing country, with free schools and universities. Graduates are respected internationally.

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Exemplary English skills

Argentina was ranked first in Latin America, and 15th in the world for English skills by EF Education First, a highly respected educational institute based in Switzerland.

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It only takes a few hours to get to our offices.

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