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Flexible engagement models

Depending on your requirements, we provide the engagement model to match

Finding the right engagement model means it’s easier for us to help you achieve your digital innovation agenda.

Companies partner with Belatrix to achieve their innovation agendas.
Whether you are looking for help with your new product development efforts or extend the features and functionality of your existing software products, Belatrix offers flexible development models and a variety of engagement approaches to address your specific needs.

Specific engagement models.

Belatrix is the software engineering center of excellence.

For companies who do not want to allocate their organizational resources to managing the full scale operations of an R&D/software development division, Belatrix takes on that role. We take on the day-to-day responsibility for the design, architecture, development and testing effort of your products. This enables you to focus on other priorities, while Belatrix identifies, allocates, and manages the project team resources and meet defined project objetives. A designated Scrum Master and Belatrix’s Project Governance methodology ensures a successful engagement.

Belatrix complements the client’s innovation center of excellence.

For companies that have aggressive new product development cycles as well as continuing development of existing products, Belatrix extends the capability of your internal development function. Belatrix may be asked to take on full responsibility for a project or group of projects. All projects are tightly integrated with the goals and metrics of the client, and overseen by Belatrix’s Project Governance. The team(s) operate as an extension of the client’s business, usually utilizing the leadership of a Scrum Master.

Belatrix adds specific technology talent.

To support your innovation efforts and fill a specific area of technical need, Belatrix may be asked to provide specific technical expertise. Clients sometimes encounter difficulty recruiting engineering talent in their specific geographic region. Belatrix engineers can collaborate with the clients’ teams working seamlessly along with the clients’ internal team. For example, clients may opt to bring in Belatrix’s testing engineers to support their Agile development goals. Projects can vary in scope and sometimes include one or more Scrum Masters.


Collaborating with an innovation partner like Belatrix Software:

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Brings world-class engineering talent to significantly lower your time-to-market.

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Belatrix’s Project Governance ensures that project goals are being met. Any potential impediments are identified quickly and addressed to ensure the project meets its goals.

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Opens your firm up to other markets for high quality engineering talent.

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Enables financial flexibility to scale up and ramp up on demand

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Expands the ability of your firm’s internal resources to focus on other innovation projects.

Belatrix’s Project Governance ensures that project goals are being met. Any potential impediments are identified quickly and addressed to ensure the project meets its goals.

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