Agile Software Development

Because Nearshore is all About Agile Software Development

Agility. Speed. High interaction. Increased Visibility.

Any of this terms triggers an alarm?  Fin out why Our Agile approach means that much for your business.

Agile experts

With over 30% of our engineers certified as Scrum Masters, Belatrix’s focus on Agile is off the table. We’ve been creating Agile software product for the last 10 years, and that has led to happy, loyal clients.

Belatrix Software’s preferred Agile Software Development methodology is SCRUM. Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile approach to software project management. Scrum allows us to harness the most creative solutions from the collective team, and ensures that the workload is distributed effectively so that viable software outcomes can be achieved in shorter defined timeframes. This makes for a no surprise approach with high visibility for you.

Virtual Teams

Central to Belatrix’s approach is the Virtual Team. Virtual Teams operate outside of our client’s four walls but are 100% dedicated to your product development mission. How do we accomplish this? By being extremely flexible. We adjust our methodologies to meet your needs. Whether you’re a mid-sized or large, multinational firm, Belatrix Software’s processes and methods can be fully tailored to suit your needs. Designing the right mix of control, documentation and design activities allows us to collaborate with you to produce high quality software without overwhelming you with rigid rules.

Sprint-based planning and deliveries

We recommend that all the features of the system should be broken down into short iterations or phases, which in Scrum are called sprints. A sprint can be as short as one week or as long as two months, depending on the complexity of the system, the technology and team preferences. Most often, we use 2 to 3 week sprints in our projects.

The system features are prioritized by the Client and allocated to the different sprints. When a sprint is about to start, the Team gets together with the Client to estimate each feature and perform more detailed planning than the one that was done at the beginning of the projec

During the sprint, the finishing date is never altered as well as the features that are to be included on the active sprint. If for any reason, there is not enough time for some features to be implemented, those features are then re-added to the Project Backlog, where all the features are kept for tracking.

Daily “scrums” or stand-up meetings

The development team has a stand-up meeting every work day where every team member will be asked what they did yesterday, what they will be doing today and if they have anything that is blocking them. This quick meeting lets the Team Lead know where things are and make sure problems are detected right away before they jeopardize the time lines. Since we believe in providing 100% visibility into the projects and the process in general, our clients are always welcome to participate in these daily meetings through web conference or phone conference.

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