Argentina’s Competitive Business Advantages

Closer time zone

CLOSER TIME ZONE. When compared to Eastern countries, Argentina becomes a great asset since it is almost on the same time zone as the US.

Better job market

Argentina made an entrance to the international IT outsourcing markets at a later time than India. This fact is a real business advantage for companies interested in outsourcing as they will be able to tap into a top-level talent pool. Argentina has had a strong internal market and it has therefore become very mature and experienced in IT work force.

When doing business in Argentina, you can forget about the high turn-over rates and the difficulties in finding qualified resources.

The ability to recruit top talent is of great significance for small and medium size companies. If people tried to work with India, they would only be able to access those workers that are left over by the large corporations. Even if they partnered with Wipro or Infosys, they would still be provided with low-end people as the best personnel are reserved for largest accounts.

Cultural similarities

Argentina’s culture bears close resemblance to that of the US and it also shares a deep appreciation of similar values, such as:

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Strong work ethic

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Importance of private property

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Team work

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Respect and appreciation for a strong family


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It is very easy to get to Argentina and Belatrix’s offices in Mendoza.

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Mendoza is located one hour from Santiago, Chile, which is the most important international hub in South America and most US airlines reach this point.

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It usually takes about 15 hours total to get to Mendoza from LAX which is a much shorter time when compared to a trip to Bangalore, India that entails 30+ hours.

Enjoyable environment

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Argentina is a top international travel destination. This is very important when the need to travel arises or when the company wishes to relocate personnel.

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Belatrix’s offices in Mendoza are only a few hours from the Chilean beach and very close to international ski resorts such as Las Leñas, Portillo and Bariloche.

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Typical activities in Mendoza include ski, mountain biking, rafting, winery touring, mountain hiking and climbing.

Educational excellence

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Argentina’s commitment to education is proven by the fact that the State provides free college education.

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We have seen that our local professionals are as proficient as professionals from the US and India.

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We have also noticed that a large number of our Indian competitors, due to a shortage in resources, hire people out of 1 or 2 year trade schools and then regard them as Software Engineers.

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Belatrix, the leading software development company in the western region of Argentina, has been able to establish thriving partnerships with the most important universities thus gaining direct access to the most qualified students.

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