Microsoft Windows Azure Outsourcing

Microsoft Windows Azure Outsourcing

Belatrix Software Factory offers Custom Software Development Outsourcing Services for the Microsoft Windows Azure platform.

Belatrix is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with extensive experience developing on the Microsoft .NET framework and has been working on a number of projects that specifically target the Microsoft Windows Azure hosting environment.

Microsoft Windows Azure is one of the most developed, flexible and comprehensive Cloud-based hosting services available in the market today. It is fully owned, developed and operated by Microsoft thus leveraging Microsoft’s expertise in running extremely large scale Web sites and online services, such as Live Messenger, Hotmail, Live and Bing among many others.

By leveraging Belatrix’s Agile Nearshore Outsourcing Services combined with Microsoft Windows Azure, large and small companies can design, develop and then operate their systems with minimum upfront investments while at the same time being able to support very large user bases, thus obtaining almost infinite scalability.

Belatrix combines its experience in .NET, Silverlight, SQL Server and Windows Azure to help its clients develop cloud-based solutions that can take advantage of all of Azure’s features but can also be hosted in-house if and when that is needed.

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