Blockchain development services

  • Disrupt your industry with blockchain.
  • Enterprises are creating new business models based on blockchain.
  • Blockchain technology is maturing quickly.

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Blockchain development will lead to the emergence of new business models

What could your business look like if it operated as a peer-to-peer exchange based on a blockchain platform? What would it mean for your services and your customers? This is the first question to ask in your blockchain journey. Based on this, we are well prepared to help create proof of concepts, prototypes, and then long-term development services.

Belatrix’s Blockchain Center of Excellence

In our dedicated COE we provide consulting and R&D services, proof of concept creation, and longer-term blockchain development services.

Experience developing blockchain solutions

We have worked with organizations to design and build blockchain-based services. We are also part of a major blockchain initiative in Argentina which provides a platform for public and private organizations to develop blockchain services.

Blockchain opportunities in various industries

Industries ranging from financial services and banking, to energy, healthcare, and software will all need to face the upcoming challenge of blockchain developmet. Even the concept of democracy and how people vote could well be changed by the technology. Get ahead of this upcoming disruption and find out how blockchain will impact your business and your industry.

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