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10 Must-Have Principles for Agile Testers

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August 05, 2013 | Topic: Agile   Automation Testing   Software Testing  
10 Must-Have Principles for Agile Testers

At Belatrix, we believe that Agile testing is a better and more effective form of QA testing. According to Agile Testing by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory, a professional Agile tester is someone who “embraces change, collaborates well with both technical and business people and understands the concept of using tests to document requirements and drive development.”

Ten principles for Agile testersSo now that we know the traits, let’s look at 10 principles that bring about success.

1) Provide Continuous Feedback — A tester is an information provider – one who articulates requirements, tests, results and feedback. Keeping the team informed will always be a key role for any successful tester.

2) Deliver Value to the Customer — If the client isn’t satisfied with the service or results, the project is a loss. A successful Agile tester should be mindful of the big picture and work toward the ultimate goal, not just the ones on the to-do list of today.

3) Enable Face-to-Face Communication — Face-to-face communication is the most effective kind there is. But in an age where teams can be scattered across geographical locations, opportunities get thinner. A good Agile tester should facilitate in-person meetings whenever possible, but come up with effective alternatives if they are not.

4) Have Courage — Testers must communicate across the team, which means they interact with different personality types. Agile teams should be open by nature, and a good tester always asks the tough questions when needed.

5) Keep It Simple — Agile teams should deliver the simplest solutions possible to the client. Simple is what the client wants, and simple is what the Agile team should strive to produce.

6) Practice Continuous Improvement — The very nature of testing is to find new – and better – ways to solve problems. The whole team should think this way, but the tester should have the mindset to always be on the lookout for tools, skills or practices that add more value.

7) Respond to Change — Agile testers love to cross things off the to-do list. If it’s tested and approved, they mentally move on. But if unforeseen circumstances call for changes, an Agile tester must be flexible enough to roll with it and revisit.

8) Self-Organize — When an Agile team faces a big problem, it’s everyone’s problem. For a tester, having an organizational system in place will help the team spring into action more quickly to facilitate a solution.

9) Focus on People — Agile values and principles were created with the aim of enabling individual and team success. So involve people, keep them informed and set them up for success by allowing them to do their best work.

10) Enjoy — Agile testers have a unique set of skills that include collaboration and communication. They are set up to shine in these team-centric atmospheres. Agile development can reward the tester’s passion for this collaborative work.

If you are considering building an Agile Team and need help, contact Belatrix. We can help you succeed in Agile development for the results you need in outsourcing your software development.



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