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Innovate and Grow the Business Imperatives

Karin Nauth Shelley

October 30th, 2012

A recent Forrester blog by analyst, Lutz Peichert, shares the point of view that “… as an ever-growing number of companies invest in innovation, they will realize a significant portion of this can come from the existing relationships with suppliers.”  Lutz supports this statement by drawing from a recent Forrester survey of some 1,000 IT and business executives where 56% of them listed the need to innovate and grow their businesses as top priorities.

Partnership can be a very strong innovation enabler!  However, as with most things, it’s all in how you approach partnership.  Companies sometimes engage the  outsourcing relationship as a short-term fix for an immediate or specific technical resource gap.  While tapping into suppliers in that way does deliver benefits, taking a longer view look at strategic benefits can offer even greater returns.  How?

  • Extended frame of reference – An innovation partner can share wider solutioning insight, drawing from significant work across different industries, markets and technologies.
  • Time to market benefits — Given the wider frame of reference above, a strategic partner can apply practical experience and expertise from doing lots of similar projects, allowing more effective truly agile product development collaboration and ultimately resulting in greater speed to market benefits.
  • Empathy driven quality  — The right partner takes on your business goals as their own and truly commits to making that a priority.  Part of that is ensuring that usabilty goals and testing aren’t short-changed.
  • Keep it real benefits — Partners often enjoy the advantage of “space.”  Space allows for that strategic partner to ask tough questions.  Those questions, if asked early enough in the design and development cycle, can provide vital insight into refining the software product so that what ultimately is developed hits the mark.

As a strategic partner for countless companies, Belatrix is proud to partner with its clients to multiply their software R&D goals in real and measurable ways.


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