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Three Roles of Superior Scrum Masters

Julieta Barrionuevo

October 31st, 2013

Three Roles of Superior Scrum MastersScrum Masters juggle multiple responsibilities and play lots of different roles to accomplish great product development.  Just what are these three roles?

  • Visionary Torch Bearer
  • Coach/Manager
  • Advisor/Psychologist


Visionary Torch Bearer

  • Scrum Masters carry the vision for what the project/product goal is.  That means sharing the goal with the project team and doing so in a way that each and every team member can truly see, understand and embrace it passionately.
  • Relying on a strong, open, and clear communication channels, super Scrum Masters know exactly how the team is in achieving the vision.  They convey that back to the product owner for full transparency.  This also relates to using Burndown Charts to demonstrate the progress of the solution under development.
  • Great leaders also consider the software legacy they are creating.  It’s more than just simply achieving a goal.  It about understanding where that product goal fits in the scheme of things – in terms of personal pride, professional development, customer contribution, and commercial success.  It also translates into ensuring that the team is implementing good Agile Engineering practices.

Coach / Manager

  • Just as with a great football team, effective Scrum Masters engage the team in continuous improvement.  They facilitate Sprint Retrospectives and quickly act on findings.
  • Super Scrum Masters ensure that they follow the Scrum framework, making certain that the correct roles are in place to guarantee success.
  • They encourage communication within the team and ensure that the Daily Meeting takes place.
  • Great Scrum Masters are also willing to be Servant Leaders.  They jump in and support the team when needed.  For example, they facilitate the Backlog.
  • Great Scrum Masters typically are enthusiastic.  They champion the benefits of Agile and help each team member understand what the benefits are for his/her goal.

Advisor / Psychologist

  • Mindset is a crucial part of Agile development. Great Scrum Masters not only play a role in removing overall impediments, but equally, it’s important to understand the mindset of each team member and watch for areas where an individual might be bogged down.  The goal is always to help each member of the team be his or her best, and to use that creativity and expertise to meet the defined goal.

More than 25% of Belatrix Software’s engineers are Certified Scrum Masters.  They bring an ability to shift roles for what the job demands, bringing along with that all of the enthusiasm and passion that is Belatrix, and ultimately great results for our clients.

Belatrix Software develops and tests custom software for clients globally.


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